Cool Tents

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Cool Tents


If a nature enthusiast like you is looking for stuff that can compliment your ecstatic feeling of being in the woods, amongst nature’s fold, then you must look for some cool tents that are innovatively, beautifully designed by nature loving artistes. Cool tents is the term used to describe these tents as they look cool, in fact just too cool. The way they are designed and the function that they have is a joy.

These cool tents make your experience double and staying within them is memorable. They are compatible, lightweight, 2 in 1, 3 in 1, and can be carried as backpacks or even worn as jackets! And some can act both as clothing and a tent at the same time, like you will live in your own clothes, while wearing them.

Now let us look at the most remarkably striking Cool Tents:

Vessel Tent – This tent can be worn as a jacket and when you expand it, it’ll become a cocoon!

Nyamuk Tent – Leonie Bergmaier is a 3 in 1 genius! This designer has fitted a tent, a hammock an a sleeping bag into one thing. The material is of a polyster which is very light. And a single pole supports everything.

Hammock Tent – R Heiser has designed a two in one hammock and tent that can be folded into a backpack.

Car Tent – This is one of the coolest of the cool tents. The entire tent looks like a car. It can trick animals and humans alike from a distance. And it is awesome for camping right in the parking lot!

Solar Concept Tent – This is by far the most innovative, technologically advanced, Hi-tech, environmentally friendly and absolutely beautiful of all cool tents. Solar threads are woven into the fabric that is used to make it. By this, the solar efficiency is maximized.

There are three special glides which absorb most possible amount of solar energy while you’re travelling during daytime. A wireless central hub gives you wifi internet and also gives you an account of the collected energy. All this is displayed on a highly flexible touch screen.

You can also charge your mobile phones and different mobile devices via a magnetic charger. In case you lose your tent, it communicates with you as you can locate it by text (SMS) messaging your tent and it will give you its exact location.

This is a dream, all in one, tent for nature enthusiasts who want to do nothing but be in the woods. This gives them total access to portable, high end technology while keeping them in the realm of nature.

Dress Tents – It can’t get artsier than this! Imagine you wearing a tent. This art project enables you to wear your tent as a dress and then expand it into a tent, while you’re still wearing it. Its definitely the most artsy of all cool tents.

Decathlon 2 Second Tent – All you need to do is unbuckle it by removing the strap of plastic and fling it in the air, this tent will come into its shape automatically and land as a fully functional tent.

Tree Tent – This tent is built for the ultimate nature lover. This tent gives the best feeling you can ever have sleeping in the woods. All you need to do is hang this cocoon type tent from a tree’s branch, get into it and sleep, taking in all the beauty and the aroma of the vivid nature around you.

Piilo Indoor Tent – This tent is one of the most beautifully designed cool tents. It looks like it has come out of Avatar, but can be kept in your home, as a private little world of your own, for conversations that need a little bit of private space.

Just reading about these cool tents, gives you goosebumps of excitement, doesn’t it? Imagine owning one of these cool tents and going camping, it’d be amazing!